November Talent Highlights

Whether you are a large corporation or small business, platforms have become one of the most important business models of the 21st century. A Harvard Business Review analysis about why most platforms fail highlights why 209 out of 253 companies failed in executing a new platform.

Adding to your leadership team? Below are a few of the people Avancer is currently working with. Give us a call to learn more or tell us what other roles you want to fill.

Vice President, Program Management – Results-oriented leader with extensive business acumen, and strong team building in engineering and program management. Passionately leading and mentoring teams to develop, produce, and deliver on time and under budget.

Chief Financial Officer – Proven business skills and technical aptitude in generally accepted accounting principles, taxation, and internal controls. Nearly 30 years of experience in public accounting and private industry.

Chief Technology Officer – Accomplished leader in developing innovation product portfolios, strategies, executing plans to drive revenue growth, and leading new business initiatives.

Marketing Director – Results and team-oriented senior marketing leader with 20+ years of progressive global experience and proven success in developing and launching innovative products in durable consumer goods, automotive, and outdoor industries.

Senior General Manager – Executive leader with broad skill base to create a positive impact for growth, profit, and company culture. Passionate about empowering a team to overcome challenges to create a positive and sustainable work environment.

President – A strategic thinker with extensive experience running a business that develops, designs, sells, and manufactures products. Excels in creating multiple strategic initiatives and focuses on the highest priority actions to deliver results. Passionate about sparking new ideas, leading, and implementing.

Vice President, Sales – Global Sales, Program Manager, and Engineering executive delivering results and building high-performing teams. Exceptional problem-solving skills with over twenty years of automotive experience at OEMs, Tier 1 and, Tier 2 suppliers.

Regional Vice President, Sales – Executive sales management professional with 16 years of strategic vision and leadership to plan, analyze, and execute complex business situations all while returning strong revenue growth and profit growth. Passionate about addressing complex situations that ultimately drive EBITDA growth.

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