Experience Taught Us


Employers struggle to find the right leaders and leaders are challenged  to navigate the job search process. Job boards, networks and postings can be cumbersome for both sides of the job search. Avancer Executive search was created to bring an individualized  high touch search process into the executive search space. 

Through our unique discovery process we listen to what the employer needs and what the candidate needs. We don’t just find talent, we find the right person for the position. Our process is simple and effective. Working with Avancer is a fully responsive and engaged experience. We work hard so that you don’t have to.


Becca Dernberger


Rebecca (Becca) Dernberger is President of Avancer Executive Search firm. Dernberger has spent over 30 years connecting people to meaningful work. She has a passion for understanding the needs of a Corporation and the needs of the individuals.

Recognized as an expert in workforce trends, Dernberger is passionate about the manufacturing and service sectors. She is a sought-after source for speaking engagements and media interviews about the workforce trends.

Recent Work

Avancer Search is based in West Michigan, but we place people and search for people from around the country. We are focused on ensuring our clients have access to the best companies and best talent from across the country.